Shock wave therapy — focused

West Coast Equine Clinic has been using this form of therapy for many years and we have found this non-invasive type of therapy very useful in treating a variety of injuries.

Shock wave therapy, also referred to as extra corporeal shock wave therapy, is the generation of powerful pressure waves at the skin surface directed into specific areas of the body, which have been injured. It is performed with standing sedation and is a very safe procedure for the horse. This therapy was originally used to break up kidney and bladder stones in humans (lithotripsy), but began to be used to stimulate bone healing when it was noticed changes in bone in lithotripsy patients.


It started to be used by veterinarians to stimulate healing and thus improve prognosis in ligament injuries but has been used to treat a variety of injuries including tendons, joints and boney injuries.


Customarily, one to three treatments are performed, ten to fourteen days apart, depending on the condition.