Preventative care: wellness programs &
high performance exams

The veterinarians at West Coast Equine Clinic feel that these are very important programs that fit well with our strong emphasis on preventative medicine.


Wellness programs are tailored to your horses particular needs and circumstances and include health exams, vaccinations and deworming programs, as well as nutritional advice and dental care. These programs focus on maintaining optimal health and preventing avoidable disease.


High Performance Exams or Soundness Assessment are comprehensive exams of your equine athlete focused on optimizing your horse’s overall soundness and performance with an eye to preventing injury. Since mild lameness or restrictions in movement may go unnoticed or be attributed to the horses mood or rider error, until they become more severe, there is real value in a proactive approach to lameness and performance. Therefore these exams are recommended on a regular basis, providing a baseline of your horses performance for future comparison and include complete a physical exam, gait analysis and flexion tests.