West Coast Equine Clinic offers complete dentistry care for your horse. Horses grow their teeth continuously for most of their lives. They also are continuously wearing their teeth due to the grinding nature of their mastication. These facts combined with the shape of the equine tooth, the way they chew and the feeds that they eat often lead to sharp edges or “points”, as well as malocclusion’s, which can cause discomfort and poor mastication while eating. “Points” or sharp “hooks”, which can develop due to malocclusion, can also cause a lot of discomfort when the bit pushes the inside of the cheek against the teeth and lead to resistance when ridden. Dental exams are recommended once a year to look for any of these conditions as well as other potential dental diseases or at any time that the horse shows signs of oral discomfort, difficulty chewing, oral odours or resistance to the bit while ridden. Typically horses have their teeth “floated” once a year to remove and smooth off sharp edges and compensate for any malocclusion that may have developed.